Farahan Carpet production process

In this page, you've got familiar with the production process of a handmade carpet in Farahan Carpet such as sheep shearing, spinning, dyeing, weaving, designing, final services.

Wool preparation

In early spring, the needed wool for Farahan Group is prepared in a region along the Zagros Mountains. This is the highest grade wool available and is sorted, washed with natural detergents, and ready to be hand spun.


The prepared wool is transported to nomadic regions for hand-spinning. We could not have sustained a longstanding working relationship with Iran’s ancient nomadic tribes without respect and sensitivity to their unique way of life and their natural habitat.


Our wool is dyed naturally using traditional methods with over 200 color codes. We take on every bespoke carpet and dye it especially in accordance with a multitude of preordered color codes.



Farahan Carpet designers are able to bring any designs that customers may have in a carpet. A computer preview of customer design can be supplied before weaving to help him finalize colours or make any required changes that may be deemed necessary.


Farahan Carpet weavers create such patterns that anybody after watching will be surprised. They are the most important persons in Farahan Carpet and their ability always improves class of Farahan Carpet.


Final service

All produced items are washed using water and natural detergents. we never use chemical detergents for washing carpets. Sometimes we wash carpets twice or more time. it helps to remove the dust or moistures that remain between the piles. Also washing rugs in products with natural dyeing helps to cure them easily.
After washing them, the carpets spread in the sun because the sun helps make a harmony in colors and cause to be silky. Finally, the last detection and checking will be done before transporting.