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High quality rug

High quality rug and recognizing 8 important features

High quality rug and recognizing it is a question that is becoming more and more difficult to answer and find […]
Handmade carpet map

Handmade carpet map (how to design + recognize its types)

Handmade carpet map can be considered as a work plan and executive plan of weaving and producing a hand-woven carpet. […]

Sultanabad handmade carpet | Full review of features

  Sultanabad handmade carpet with a history of several hundred years is one of the original examples of Iranian carpets. […]
Bakhtiari handmade carpets

Bakhtiari handmade carpets | Comprehensive review

Bakhtiari handmade carpet is a clear example of proud art that by hearing its name and Bakhtiari tribe subconsciously achieves […]
Second hand handmade carpets

Second hand handmade carpets

When it comes to buying handmade carpets, you have to be careful; That this issue is so widespread and common […]

Modern handmade carpets Detailed analysis

With the development of the new age and today’s world, the word that we hear and deal with a lot […]
Cheap handmade rugs

Cheap handmade carpets are an attractive but…

An issue that many carpet manufacturers may face on a daily basis and are asked is where to buy cheap […]
clean handmade rug

How can you wash handmade carpet at home?

Handmade carpets have always been of high value for us Iranians among our home furnishings and are considered a luxury […]
پهن کردن فرش ها در افتاب بعد از شستشو

History Of The Area Of Farahan

Area of Farahan in this post, I want to talk about Farahan rugs and the history of the area of […]