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Knowing Gabbeh

Getting to know Gabbeh Examining the dimensions and designs

Knowing Gabbeh and examining its features is one of the specialized cases that it is necessary to look at it […]
harris carpet

Harris Carpet (Heriz) | Review of 7 characteristics

Harris carpet is one of the symbols of Iranian and Iranian art in the world, and seeing its patterns and […]
Principles of carpet

Principles of carpet arrangement and 10 basic points

principles of carpet arrangement is one of the most important issues that you can follow to bring extraordinary beauty to […]
Dyeing of handmade carpets

Dyeing of handmade carpets and recognizing its types

Dyeing of handmade carpets can definitely be introduced as one of the most important options that can give a special […]
Acrylic carpet or silk carpet

Acrylic carpet or silk carpet? Full comparison of their advantages

Acrylic carpet or silk carpet? Perhaps the question that arises when buying and choosing a car carpet for almost everyone, […]
Selling handmade carpets

Selling handmade carpets and the strategy needed to do it

Selling handmade carpets is one of the biggest problems that carpet weaving workshops and people working in this field face. […]
Reverse weaving

The reverse trick and everything we need to know about it

Reverse weaving is one of the most practical methods to reduce the cost of carpet weaving, which is used by […]
شیرازه فرش

Selvadge carpets | Knowing its types

Selvadge carpets is one of the side and specialized carpet weaving works that has always been considered by the lovers […]
Types of carpet sleep

Types of carpet sleep and recognizing its head

Types of carpet sleep along with carpet heads and their study are among the items that all experts in this […]