Final services of the handmade rugs

If we think of quality along the way of production, we have a long way to go. In the producing of handmade rugs, all stages are of particular importance, but the final and post-textural services are crucial and unfortunately, many producers don’t pay attention to these services.

These steps can vary in the production of different carpets, but generally include a thorough check-up, completing steps, and possible defects before being marketed. These generally include shaving, washing, sunscreen, knitting and embroidery edges, cloth weaving and double knitting of the roots and etc.

In the next few posts, videos of these steps will be shown.

in this video our colleague is sewing the edges of a handmade rug

also on our Instagram page you can see all the videos of final services.


knitting the edges of handmade rugs in Farahan Carpet

washing handmade rug after weaving it in Farahan Carpet     knitting double knots of the roots of rugs  shaving the handmade rug after weaving in Farahan Carpet