The 28th Iran_Tehran Handmade Carpet Exhibition

The 28th Iran_Tehran Carpet Exhibition was finished after one week on August 31, 2019, and with all its highs and lows and weaknesses, it made it possible for us to meet our friends and colleagues as well Meet new friends.

At the Tehran Carpet Exhibition, many friends of cyberspace, especially Instagram friends, have shown us, with kindness and encouragement, that we have taken the right path and are more determined than ever.

On the other hand, it was regrettable that many dear visitors were unaware of the very rich history of Arak handmade carpets, Sarugh, Farahan and handmade carpets production in Arak due to the very drastic decline in carpet production in the region and the use of carpets. Duplicate designs and inadequate materials and lack of regular attendance at various exhibitions and of course the neglect and abuse of the authorities involved

Farahan Carpet is trying to make the carpet alive again by producing genuine and quality carpets at various exhibitions and using cyberspace and so on. And having a lofty goal is possible, and the presence and welcome of dear visitors is proof that the route chosen is the right path.

Hoping for a day when this area’s rug has worked together and persevered to regain its past prosperity.

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