Farahan Carpet in 28th handmade carpet exhibition of Iran_Tehran

Farahan Carpet is attending the Iran-Tehran handmade carpet exhibition every year and trying to represent the best handmade carpet in Farahan, Sarouk, and SoltanAbad. The SultanAbad region has had a very prominent past in the field of handmade carpets and has been in the center of attention of  European and American in terms of design, quality and natural raw materials, and a professional and flawless texture. Unfortunately, that name and reputation are left untouched today, and because of the profitability of some producer and traders, most of the carpets produced in this area have duplicate designs and low-quality chemicals and cheap materials.

In recent years, Farahan Carpet has been trying to regain its worldwide reputation by reproducing old designs in the area, using best quality materials and vegetable dyeing wool.

Farahan Carpet is trying to accomplish this by attending various exhibitions.

We look forward to your warm welcome at the 28th Iran-Tehran Handmade Carpet Exhibition.

Farahan Carpet in handmade carpet exhibition of Iran

Farahan Carpet in handmade carpet exhibition of Iran