the weaver is weaving the carpet in Farahan carpet workshop

In the video below, you see the weaving of classical carpet in Farahan carpet workshop. The pro weaver with a high skill is weaving this beautiful carpet. Usually, in Farahan carpet workshops, weavers use Persian knots and all weavers have the necessary skill.
A meaningful text about the secret words of a weaver who, with the art of her hands, draws a beautiful design and creates a masterpiece:
a pattern of my life has ruts that are just for me, and they hide from people who stand on the pattern every day, they talk, laugh and cry … and then go 
the ruts who hide my identity 
identity Which is not visible to everybody
Only I know about their presence
I write to register
To remember
To remind my moments of my life
To be a good player …
the picture shows the art of the weaver

the weavers are weaving nice carpets in Farahan Carpet workshop

The weaver is actually a real artist because she creates a pattern that she wove with all her feelings and sat with joy and a day with grief over it and shared all her sadness and joy with the carpet.
From my point of view, the Persian carpet is like a living creature, and when we look carefully at it and see it in our world, it sends us feelings and it shows all the feelings of an Iranian lady and tells us a story about its weaver, one day she came to me with a laugh and wove me with joy, and another day, with a hideous hatred in her throat, or maybe one day, she was angry and beating on me by anger and getting a little better , and maybe I could make her feel better.
Maybe she loves me one day and feel dependant on me, and another day angry about why it does not end up so I could have some free and rest time, but I’m sure the day I was scissors and down of the loom she missed me a lot and of course  I always miss his gentle and powerful hands, but I have a great mission, so I can point out wherever I go, that someone with all his feelings and abilities created something that always warms up the environment and stays immortal