A picture of Henna’s carpet on the Rug Insider Magazine

The Rug Insider Magazine is one of the most reputable American handmade magazines in the United States, edited by Mr. Michael Christie, who always liked the carpets of Farahan and introduced our work on their own pages.

The magazine challenged Spring Issue to publish a carpet on the cover of the magazine, which has certain criteria, the most important of which is the introduction of colors of 2019, including the Living Coral and gray

Mr. Michael Christie has also invited us, with great grace, to take part in this challenge if we can send a picture of a rug with the above specifications. Henna’s beautiful work was being woven at that time, and we sent the same picture and approved by Mr. Christy, and our friend of photography, Mrs. Behzadi Zahmat, assumed a professional photographer.

When we were invited to introduce a carpet with the color of the year, I was sure that providing valuable content would be appreciated and, of course, seen. It was not supposed to be bored, costly enough to be creative, and saw every challenge as a successful one.
In the sequel, the words of Ms. Mahour Abbasi, the carpet blogger, and designer  who have always been commended for us, about the reasons for the Henna print on the cover of the Rug Insider Magazine:

Mr. Michael Christie, the editor of Rug Insider, a famous magazine about handmade carpets in the United States, has published an image of beautiful Henna the carpet of Farahan carpet brand on the cover of the spring Magazine.

Now what is the current and why, what is the brand of Iranian selected from among all the different brands in the world that have been sent to this challenge by the image of the volumes of the spring issue? One of the criteria for the magazine for the photo is the spring issue, a busy, bustling, cozy and colorful living coral reminding of the 1950s decoration style bathroom tiles, which, according to him, is a colorful composition. As a result, you can see the beautiful carpet of the Farahan carpet brand

Hina's beautiful carpet on the cover of Rug Insider Magazine

Hina’s beautiful carpet on the cover of Rug Insider Magazine

The text about the photo above is published in the Rug Insider Magazine:

‘Capturing a bit of the ‘Living Coral’ vibe is this image of the carpet ‘Henna’ now under production by Farahan Carpet of Iran. Makers of carpets for noted brands and importers in the West, the firm also has an impressive in house selection of designs. Photograph by Ms. Parisa Behzadi via Farahan Carpet.’

The text in which Mr. Michael Christie has talked about Farahan’s carpet

A post on Instagram from Mr. Christy about other Farahan carpet work

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