A lively day at Farahan Carpet Dyeing Workshop

Handmade carpet production is a very difficult task, but if it’s love, it will be a great pleasure. One of the characteristics of Farahan carpet is that all employees love their work and enjoy working in this environment, and there is a very sincere atmosphere in this collection.

The dyeing workshop, from the viewpoint of beauty, art, and complexity, says the admin has nothing less than a carpet workshop.
Perhaps it’s hard to believe, but the continuous presence in this workshop and the use of various plants and the creation of various compounds for the production of beautiful natural colors and, of course, the vividness of colors, makes this presence with a sense of euphoria and pleasure.

Farahan carpet uses natural and vegetable colors at its dyeing workshop.

For more information on plant colors, refer to this link

In this video, you will see a lot of joy at Farahan Carpet Workshop


Click to view the beautiful video of Farahan Carpet Dyeing Workshop


Farahan Carpet dyeing workshop