protecting and cleaning the handmade carpet

Handmade carpets are woven with natural fibers, so if they are not properly protected, they are rubbed or destroyed over time, or changes in their structure and their colors gradually become faint. Here are some tips to make your handmade carpet worst during the time.

Effective factors in hurting handmade carpets

The most important factors affecting the carpet on a long-term basis can be exposed to light, exposed to high humidity and minor insect attacks such as willow and parasites.


If your handmade carpet is permanently exposed to sunlight, it will gradually become stained by natural reactions to sunlight, especially ultraviolet light, and over time, the fiber will lose its strength and durability. It is noteworthy, however, that the raw materials used for handmade carpets will have better quality, this process will be much slower and also natural dyeing will be very effective. As much as possible, the carpet should be kept away from exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.


Another factor is the presence of moisture that changes the structure of the fiber and reduces its resistance. High humidity also causes fungi and bacteria to grow on the carpet surface, which is very dangerous for carpet tuxture. On the other hand, if your handmade carpet is in a completely dry place, it will dry and break the carpet. Therefore, the carpet should be placed in a suitable humidity range of 40 to 50 percent.


Another factor is the small insects, especially the willow, which are caused by the prolonged placement of the carpet in a dark and humid environment. This environment is very suitable for the growth of willow, which seriously damages the handmade carpet. In fact, handmade carpets should be placed in an environment with good light and moisture. Many carpets have been found to be better maintained in a dark and humid environment, and after a while, the owner noticed that it was badly damaged and the carpet was seriously damaged.

Also, your carpet should be kept away from the damage caused by contamination. For this, only superficial and deep periods of dust must be eliminated.

Wash the handmade carpet correctly

Rugs should be cleaned at any time to stay in their original shape and colors. In fact, an effective wash can change the appearance of the carpet and give a new look to its design and colors.

Depositing dust and a dirty gray layer causes the handmade carpet to be fading out. On the other hand, the accumulation of dust around the knots strongly affects the texture of your carpet and, if not cleaned, results in more erosion of the carpet over time

In fact, washing handmade carpets is a very positive process for carpet maintenance and longevity, provided it is done in the right way and with proper detergent, in this case, it is better thah a specialist carpet-washing to do this. In handmade carpet washing, it is most likely to be noticeable on its colors, which may be smeared with a proper dyeing process, which results in interference with each other and rupture of the carpet during washing.

To ensure the stability of the colors, first, with a white, clean, soaked cloth that is placed inside the rinse solution, on the back of the carpet and on the side of it. If after several times dragging the cloth onto the knots there was no trace of color, then the colors are completely durable and can be washed off. Otherwise, the carpet should be handled by a specialist so as not to damage the colors and carpet designs.

correctly wash the handmade carpet



Of course, it’s important to not use inappropriate chemical detergents that eliminate colors and use proper detergents with low pH and lukewarm water. You can also use special softeners that make the carpet durable and soft and smooth.

After washing, the carpet should be placed against sunlight to completely dry

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tips for keeping handmade carpets at home

It’s best to change the place of the carpet as often as you like and always roll them around to move them around.

If you do not have a damp environment, do not expose your carpet directly to the floor and throw a flat under it and put it in the open air as often as it should.

Clean the surface of the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner daily. The vacuum cleaner can cause damage to the carpet due to long-term air pressure. But if you have a lot of dust on your carpet, you can use a vacuum cleaner to wipe it off to remove dirt between the knots.

Sometimes it is necessary to cut the so-called ripped carpet, that is, with the wet wipes that are tightly squeezed, dust is removed from it.

Persian carpets are valuable and vivid objects that maintenance of them should be done with care and carefulness to preserve their beauty and value. They should be protected in a good and proper way from their charm over time.

Rinse the carpets in the sun after washing

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Retrieved from Ghalin book – author: Taher Sabahi