The presence of Farahan carpet in Arak handmade carpet exhibition.

Every year, from 22/11 to 27/11, a hand-woven carpet exhibition in Arak will be held for a week. This year, the exhibition will be held like others year, and Farahan carpets will take part in the exhibition for many years. for more information about the presence of Farahan Carpet in different exhibition

In fact, Farahan carpet is the only widespread handmade carpet in the city of Arak, which is professional and up-to-date, and each year in this exhibition attracts people ‘attention with its own unique presence and, of course, with beautiful and eye-catching carpets.

Farahan Carpet perspective

Farahan carpet is used to produce carpets of high-quality wool with vegetable dyeing and produces carpets that have their own up-to-date standards of brilliance and luster that comes from the use of quality raw materials. all the members of Farahan Carpet  is trying to create a boost in Arak carpet by using quality raw materials and preserving authenticity along with changing designs.

Arak in the past

As we know, in the past, a lot of quality rugs were made in Arak region, all of which were a kind of global brand such as Sultan Abad Carpet, Place, Moshkabad, Sarouk, Lilian and so on. One of the main reasons for this reputation is the use of special designs along with the application of the best wool with vegetable dyeing. As we know, in the past, especial pink Saruq and Blue Farahan have been popularly known. It is hoped that with a bit of effort and steps, the long-awaited vision of the past Arak, such as Sultan Abad and Farahan, would have swept over the years after years of recession.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this fair.

the presence of Farahan Carpet in Arak handmade carpet exhibition

حضور فرش فراهان در نمایشگاه های سال های گذشته فرش دستباف اراک