The 27th international exhibition of handmade carpet was held in Tehran. This exhibition is held every year in August by the National Iranian Carpet Center and is the largest and most important exhibition in this field. Introducing the handmade carpet to the public more and increasing the export of this valuable and 100 percent native goods are some of this exhibition’ targets. Farahan Carpet took part in this exhibition like last years. Farahan Carpet by its modern and distinguished stand attracted lots of people, tourists, and experts of handmade carpet. Farahan Carpet is active in different social media and introduces Arak handmade carpet to whoever is a fan of handmade carpet and some of these people visit our stand and were inspired and surprised by our special production. Farahan Carpet not only is the number one brand of handmade carpet in Arak with best-qualified materials that include hand-spun pile and natural dyes and modern design but also is one of the best brands in Iran. Arak was one the most important region in producing and exporting handmade carpet in the past. we wish by attending these kinds of exhibition more and more people get to know Arak and its perfect handmade carpet and Arak regains its past place in producing and exporting handmade carpet.

make ready for the exhibition

Farahan Carpet in 27th exhibition of handmade carpet

people and tourists are attracted to Farahan Carpet production

handmade carpet experts are discussing with our experts