Michael Christie is known as the Ruggist, editor of the Ruginsider Magazine, and has always been the subject of attention by experts in the field of modern carpets and developments in those articles.
In a statement released on April 15, 2018, Michael introduced the Farahan Carpet Company. He also noted the development of this company in the design and production of a new generation of modern Iranian carpets using natural dyeing and handspun wool.
Michael told that he is the huge fan of the modern production of Farahan Carpet and sometimes has introduced various designs on the Instagram page.
The Ruggist believes that you can not find any copy design can be obtained from other brands in the Farahan carpet and designs are fully dependable and origin.

He considers the powerful carpet production history in this family for several generations as well as the cooperation with the innovative brands of the modern carpet of the world is based on the originality of designs and the proper recognition of taste and innovation.

Michael Christie’s article follows.

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